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The Auction grading system has been adopted for assessing the quality of each vehicle displayed in Japanese Auto Auctions. The main purpose of this policy is to give general idea about each presented used car in Car Auctions. On the other hand, it is important to know that Grading system differs among all Auto Auction houses at some extent.

Therefore, we highly recommend our customer to contact us regarding each car, so we would be able to provide more detailed information about a car as much as possible.

Please find general Grading system concept as below.


S       Almost brand new motor vehicle. First Registration date is no longer than 1 year, and mileage is below 10,000 km.

6       Nearly a new car, where the First registration date is up to 3 years. In turn, Mileage may be around 20,000 km. In practice, there might be a few almost invisible scratches on some Auction houses.

     A used car is in the excellent condition with mileage around 30,000 – 50,000 km. It might have some small scratches and small dents.

4.5     Still high in demand vehicle. Excellent unit for Export. Mileage is around 30,000 – 80,000 km. It might have some scratches, dents, small repair works on car body.

4.0     It might have some visible scratches, dents, some other slightest visible issues.

3.5     Good condition with noticeable imperfections, including scratches, dents. There might be some issues in interior such as tears, cigarette burns, holes, stains, etc.

3.0     Indicating a car with visible big scratches, dents, some repair works. It might have some issues inside a car such as tears, cigarette holes or food stains, etc.

2.0     Usually a car is in very bad condition with many flaws, but still might be functional.

1.0     Basically, it is Flooded car.

RA     A car had minor accident, and has been repaired.

R        A car had major accident, and has been repaired. It might not have been properly repaired, so may need some extra repair works.

0, XXX, ***     A motor vehicle had accident or has some serious engine issues. It might not have been fixed properly. It might not be drivable as well.


A   –   Inside of a car is very clean.

B   –   Interior of a car is nice and tidy.

C   –   Inside of a car might have some stains, cigarette burns, and holes.

D   –   Interior of a car is very dirty, has some stains, tears, even some smell.

E   –   Interior of a car is very bad. It might have several types of flaws.


A     Scratch

U     Dent

B     Dent with scratch

W    Waving, or repaired area

S     Rust (orange discoloration on the surface)

C     Corrosion (rust has progressed so that the original metal is now flaking away)

P     Paint mark

H     Paint faded

XX   Replaced panel / part

X      Part that needs to be replaced

G       Stone chip on glass

Y       Crack

E       Dimple