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HLM AUTOS JAPAN LLC (hereafter refers as the “Company”, and “Supplier”) operates the website under name of “” in order to provide an access to Japan Auto Auction system and Inventory, including JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) to users, to receive orders, and to sell to them.

The Company operates within the following rules and regulations (hereafter referred as the “Terms and Conditions”).

The “Auction” means any Auto Auction house, including Tender Auto Auctions, located in the territory of Japan.

The “Unit” means new/used cars, busses, trucks, machinery, or other appropriate goods.

The “Customer”, “Buyer”, “User” mean a person, company that has intention to buy a related unit by using our website or directly from our company.

The “Transaction” means a sale, and purchase of a unit between the Company and a customer.

The “Inventory” means a unit listed in the website for immediate purchase.

The “Car price” means car price in Auto Auction or in Inventory without adding any related costs up to a assigned port in Japan.

The “FOB” means a car price, including all related costs of a car till a port in Japan (ex. Auction purchase fee, Domestic delivery, Loading fee).

The “C&F” means a car FOB price, Mandatory Inspection depending on destination, and Freight till a designed country’s port.

The “Bid” means to place a Bid on a unit on Japan Auto Auction system through the Company’s website or communicating directly.

The “Deposit” means the initial payment amount made in advance in the Company’s account.

The “Balance” means the Remaining amount of payment of a unit after deducting Deposit.
The “Invoice” means the invoice issued by the Company for proceeding any payment.



It is crucial to become a member of the Company for being able to have an access to Japan Auto Auctions. As a result, you would be able to participate in all available Japan Auto Auction houses for purchasing Japanese used cars, Left hand drive cars.


Article 3: DEPOSIT.

In order to have an opportunity to participate in Japan Auto Auctions, Deposit payment is required for from each customer for being able to place Bids or buying a vehicle listed in the website in advance. Deposit amount should be not less than 13% of a car’s Bid amount or not less than 150,000 (or to 1,500 USD). Deposit is refundable in case Bid was not successful, unless a customer would like to bid another unit as Deposit is transferable too. In turn, Deposit amount would be deducted fully from total cost of a car in case we win a car successfully.


Article 4. PAYMENT.

Once you have won a car(s) successfully in Japan Auto Auctions or from the list of available vehicles on the website, the Company will issue an Invoice for the Remaining Balance (Total cost – Initial Deposit). A customer is required to proceed the Remaining payment within 7 business days, so we could proceed shipment as soon as possible.

Any late payment may result in extra charge stated as in the website (please refer to for more details on this matter).



The company does its best to inform all available information about a car, including car’s technical, mechanical conditions reported in Auction sheet or by Auction house upon request during negotiation.

It is important for a customer to acknowledge that used cars from Japan are pre owned by other owner(s), and have been in use for certain period. Thus, the company will not take any responsibility for conditions of any sold unit from Japan.

On other hand, the company strives to give any important information about a car before making purchase.



  • If Cancellation is made by contacting us at least one and a half hours before Auction time of a particular vehicle, it is Free of charge.
  • If Cancellation is made after a car has been purchased, and within an hour from the Auction time for that particular car, Auction house may charge from 50,000 – 90,000 JPY depending on an Auction house. That would be deducted from a customer.
  • If Cancellation is made after more than two hours, we might not be able to cancel it from Auction at all as Auction houses do not accept cancellation after such period.

In this case, we have two ways:

  • Avoiding cancellation from a customer, and proceeding shipment as Auction house cannot take a car.
  • Bringing back to Auction to sell it again as our car. All expenses, including two times Inland Delivery, Auction participation fees, difference prices of Purchase and Sale. We really do not want to be at this stage, since it might be very costly.



It is highly important to understand that it is a customer’s responsibility to make sure a unit or item meets a country’s rules and regulations. HLM AUTOS JAPAN may provide pertinent information as advise, but cannot guarantee a car’s compliance with latest rules and regulations of importer’s country. Therefore, it is a customer’s ultimate responsibility to ensure that a care or item fully meets a related country’s import regulations.

Article 8. COPYRIGHT.

All content contained on is the property of HLM AUTOS JAPAN, and is protected by international copyright laws.


Any dispute arising from or pertaining to this agreement between a customer and Japan Motor fall under the jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court and are subject to the relevant Japanese law.


HLM AUTOS JAPAN reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions anytime the company decides. Your decision to continue to visit and make use of and HLM AUTOS JAPAN after such changes have been made constitutes your formal acceptance of the new Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions about this agreement please feel free to contact us at