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HLM AUTOS JAPAN provides Free Access to Japanese car Auctions for online bidding to it’s customers. It includes all types of Japan auto Auctions of used cars: Real time Auctions, Tender Auctions for Japanese made and Left hand drive (LHD) used cars. Be with us as your Japan auction agent.

In fact, there are more than 100 auto auctions held weekly across Japan. Thus, high demand for Japanese used cars, Left hand drive cars has enabled Auctions as one of the most reliable sources. Consequently, Japanese auction agency has become a undividable part of Japanese used cars export business.

Consequently, purchasing a vehicle from Japanese auto auctions online has also attained popularity in overseas. Transparency, reliability, cost-efficiency, convenience, availability of variety high quality used cars in Auction houses are their important features.


as you Japanese car auction Agent


Free translation of Auction sheet.

Initial Inspection before Bidding.

Available photos before Bidding.

Informing any vital information about a vehicle before Bidding a car.

Avoiding bidding any vehicle with major issues. Engine problem, Transmission failure, Battery issues (for Hybrid vehicles), Flood effected, Non-drivable are among them. Unless it is requested by a customer to proceed Bidding.

Japan auction agent by Hlm Autos Japan Market price trend consultation.

Preparing required documents (BL, Deregistration, etc.), inspection (some countries), inland transportation, and shipment.

Dispatching Documents and related accessories by Fast Courier.


After purchase Inspection.

Cleaning of interior before shipment.

Additional photos and video clips (under request) taken at a designed yard / port.

Repair, changing or installing any part upon request.

Pre-shipment Mandatory or Voluntary Inspection (Mileage ver., body check, Underfloor or Chassis Rust check, specs ver., etc.).

Handling any Non drivable or Not fully repaired cars.

Storage a vehicle for long period (Up to 45 days is Free, if later shipped from the same port).



As trusted agent to our customers, we provide free Access to Japanese car auctions system. In turn, our customers would be able to look for their favored vehicle (Japanese used, Left hand drive cars).

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As general rule, we require Initial Deposit for securing your Bids in Japanese auto auctions online. Deposit should not be less than 13% of a car’s Bid amount or not less than 150,000 JPY (1,300 USD). It is REFUNDABLE, in case a car has not been successfully bought, unless a customer wants to bid another unit.


o We accept all Bids placed the same day up to 7:00 AM (Japan Standard Time).

o You may change or cancel a placed bid by contacting us one and half hours prior to Auction time for a related vehicle.

o As a rule, we may bid up to ¥10,000 more than placed bid, unless it is requested by a customer not to do so.


  • The cancellation made one and half hours before Japanese auto auctions online time for a particular vehicle is Free of charge.
  • In case a customer makes Cancellation request after as your Japan Auction Agent has bought a car. If this request is done within one and half hours from the Auction time for a particular vehicle, Cancellation fee might be around ¥50,000 – 100,000. It is mostly to pay to an auction house for cancelling a successful bid made at Real time Bidding.
  • However, if a buyer cancels a car after two hours passed from auction time, the company cannot cancel it. It is Japan Auto Auction houses basic rules.

In this case, we have two methods to offer.

      • Avoiding cancellation, and proceeding shipment as before, since Japanese car auctions would not take a car.
      • Bringing a car to a Japanese auto auction for resale. All expenses, including two times Inland Delivery, Auction participation fees, difference between Purchase and Sale prices are to be covered by a customer.

We really do not want to be at this stage, since it might be very costly.

  • The cancellation cannot be applied for the following methods of purchase:
      • Tender Auction purchase.
      • Negotiation purchase.
      • One price purchase.


  • Once a car has been successfully bought by Bidding by our Agent, the company will issue an Invoice for the Remaining balance payment (Total cost – Initial Deposit).
  • Consequently, a customer needs to make full payment shown in the Invoice within 7 business days from the date of Invoice issue.

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  • Shipment would be proceeded after 100% payment confirmation, unless other terms agreed.

For more detailed explanation of any step, please feel free to contact our team!