Are you planning to buy Japanese used cars online? If so, then fret not. Buying Japanese used cars online is 100% safe and one of the most reliable. Every day millions of cars are imported and exported from Japan to worldwide.

If you want to know how to buy Japanese used cars online then this blog post is for you. Keep reading to find out how to do it.

Japanese Auto Auctions for Used Cars

Japanese auto auctions offer used cars in reasonable price and excellent quality. Here is the step wise buying guide to help you through the process:

Select The Auctioneer:

There are many auction houses and trusted auction agents registered in Japan. They will do the bidding part on your behalf. You modestly hope that no one bids higher than your bid. Auction houses help you purchase the car and make the process less complicated. Japan auto auctions have a rational and credible system for customers. The inspection report of the car is prepared by an independent party, reflecting the true state of the car. This inspection report helps the buyer in making the right decision.

Select The Vehicle:

Guide to buy Japanese used cars from Auto Auctions


It is the most time-consuming step. Look for your dream car keeping in mind some important factors like your budget, required features, and maintenance cost. There are tons of substitutes to pick from the Japanese used cars export market. Make your decision after weighing all pros and cons. You can check its images and details. The auction agent can tell you the total cost of export.

Security Deposit:

After selecting the car, you have to deposit a security amount proportional to the bidding amount.  The auction house can’t start the bidding process without the security deposit. It is the seal of the deal. The security deposit validates your intention. After receiving the amount, the auction agent will participate in the Japanese auto auction for used cars. The security amount is absolutely refundable if bidding isn’t successful. In case the bidding is successful, this amount will be adjusted to the total price of the purchased car.

Bidding Price:

Determining the bidding price is a crucial step. Be very careful while determining the bidding value. Take the help from your agent; they can guide you in a better way because of their vast experience. Once the bidding value for the selected car is decided, the auction house will bid according to your goal price. There are chances that someone bids higher than your bidding amount resulting in a lost bid.

Auction Result:

The next step highly depends on the auction result. If you win the bid, the payment process will proceed and if not, the security amount will be subject to refund or would be utilized for a different automobile.


After winning the bid in the Japanese auto auction for used cars, you have to clear the remaining payment. Transfer the remaining amount to the auction house, and they will generate your purchase invoice. Upon receiving the proof of purchase, you can ship your automobile to its destination place.

Vehicle Shipment:

Japanese used cars export includes freight charges, consumption tax, FOB charges, marine insurance, and agent fee. You need to clear the bill for vehicle shipment via ocean. The auction house is capable of performing the pre-shipment inspection. Make repairs or maintenance in Japan if needed. The agent will ship your vehicle to the destination port accompanied by all necessary documentation.

Custom Clearance:

Clearing customs is the ultimate step of this process. Every country has its own custom clearance requirements. Clear the customs and take your car home. Enjoy the ride!


Japanese Auto Auctions for used cars are the most popular and effective model for purchasing your favorite car at a reasonable price range. It is a reliable method involving registered auction houses for bidding purposes. You can get   FREE Access . Customers will get the true picture of the automobile because an independent party handles inspection. With the progression of technology, the Japanese used cars export market has grown tremendously. As the medium of Japan auto auction is changed to online; it provides endless choices, quality vehicles, reasonable prices in a hassle-free manner. You may also find detailed participation procedure on the following link   >>> “How to buy” .