Left hand drive BMW Z4 by HlmAutosJapan

The pre-set image of an ideal sports car is seen in Hollywood movies; sleek design, raging engines, bright colour, drop-top, and left-hand drive. One car fits all these criteria mentioned above and gives your dream sports car reality; the all-new third-generation BMW Z4.

BMW Z4 is the best-executed roadster yet, with powerful petrol engines and sculpted design. It’s a two-seater left-hand car with no hybrid option. Thankfully, it has not been turned into an SUV, creating room for a compact, fun sports beast.

Let’s dig deep into why BMW Z4 is the ultimate choice of sports car devotees.

Eye-Catching Design Left hand BMW Z4:

The first that meets the eye is the styling of a car. BMW Z4’s left-hand drive has got it right; it sweeps the audience’s attention by its looks. It has a long sculpted bonnet with a new bumper, a short boot, and a roadster theme side which adds sporty style. The design has become more aggressive.

The headlights are large and swept back, with a diamond pattern in the kidney grille. Massive vertical air vents testify that the BMW Z4 is more than a good-looking car.

The roof is mostly soft, suitable for high speed but doesn’t give an impressive look. The roof can be raised and lowered within the time limit of 10 seconds, and you can do so at the maximum speed of 50 km/h.

Powerful Engine:

In BMW Z4 left-hand drive, there are three options of powerful petrol engines, starting from an entry-level model to pumped-up mode.

  • sDrive 20i – 197hp, max speed 240km/h
  • sDrive 30i – 258hp, max speed 250 km/h
  • M40i – 340hp, max speed 250 km/h

The sDrive 20i has the lowest power output in this series, but still, it’s quite agile and deft on a twisty road. In the M40i, we have a 3-litre turbocharged unit with 6 cylinders installed, providing a maximum speed of 250km/h. This concoction of speed and thrill can reach a speed of a hundred in just 4.5 seconds. BMW Z4 is an exemplary combination of style and performance.

Impressive Interior:

The BMW Z4 series comes with three trim levels, as mentioned above. All of them are equipped with digital displays, live cock-pit professional, electronic folding roof, alloy wheels, lots of technology, and impressive build quality.

The driving seat is a perfect combo of comfort and sport. The interior and style become more aggressive and sportier as you upgrade to the higher version. You can add a lot more selection to the car’s kit list like sound system upgrade, adaptive cruise control, wireless charging for smartphones, power seats with memory, etc.

Unsurprisingly, it’s not as spacious as a family car because it’s a two-seat automobile; still, you end up yearning for more space. A person with a big frame will spill out. The boot also has limited space; you better travel light with BMW Z4 left-hand drive.


A major concern with the BMW Z4 left-hand car is how comfortable is it to drive on normal roads? The rare roadster doesn’t disappoint in handling; the steering wheel is smooth and light. It makes the ride agile and has a good grip around the road’s bends.

Left-Hand Drive:

Stating a fact here, 65% of the world population drives left-hand cars while the remaining 35% goes for right-hand drives. The under discussion car BMW Z4 is a left-hand drive (LHD) car that is proven to be safer than the right-hand drive (RHD) cars. This is an additional component that adds to the pros of the BMW Z4 series.


BMW Z4 lies in the category of luxury sports cars. Some of the closest competitors of this vehicle are the Porsche Boxster which is a lot more on the pricier side. Audi TT and Toyota Supra almost have the same price range with similar features.


Folks are getting an impressive package in the new Z4. It will get the attention of the passing people. With a powerful engine, it’s a delight to drive. It’s fun as well as magnificently fast. The open-top roadster offers ample luxury and tech to its consumers of the affluent class.

The M40i does cost you a lot of money, but there are other entry-level variants, sDrive20i, that you can select according to your pocket, providing you with the same level of the spotlight at a lower price tag.

Is it an ideal sports car then? Absolutely!